1. Select Targets: Toilet-Time Targets make toilet time game time. Talk about colored animals with your child. You will encourage vocabulary and visual skills. Where does the lion live? How does the horse talk? Which one is the fish? etc. Allow your son to choose his targets. We recommend 3 to 6 targets. More targets can be used to increase the likelihood of being hit, building confidence in very young boys.

2. Scatter Targets in Toilet Bowl: Have your child place Toilet-Time Targets in toilet bowl or his own potty. Most children get very excited when shooting Toilet-Time Targets so use a sturdy step stool and a helping hand to prevent your child from falling.

3. Encourage By Imitation: Instruct child to urinate on target. Dad or older brother can show your son what a great game it is to hit Toilet-Time Targets and make them sink. One ingenious mother told us she experienced great results using her son’s teddy bear and a squirt gun. Toilet-Time Targets will increase your son’s attention span thus reducing frustration levels and make toilet training fun.

4. Build Bladder Control: When your son improves his aiming abilities instruct him to stop urine flow between targets. This increases bladder control and helps reduce bed wetting and urine dribbling. Most Pediatricians recommend daily bladder control exercises for young shooters.

5. Praise Your Child: This is a big accomplishment. It’s very important for you to show him just how proud you are. A hug or kiss will make his toilet training experience both fun and rewarding.

6. Let Your Son Flush: Toilet-Time Targets are meant to be flushed down the toilet. Don’t worry! Toilet-Time Targets are tested septic system safe and made from non-toxic, biodegradable tissue paper, very similar to regular toilet paper. If your son becomes upset when the toilet is flushed, help calm his fears by having him place a Toilet-Time Target in the toilet and let him flush and watch it disappear.

7. Wash Hands: Washing and wiping hands is an important part of toilet training. Encourage good hygiene at an early age. Putting the toilet seat up and down should also be taught.